Qatar National Day Celebrations- Qatar will continue to move forward

Qatar’s National Day, 18 December, is a special day of celebration for all Qatari citizens and an occasion that honours and commemorates Qatar’s history, as well as, celebrating the continuing prosperity and development of Qatar and its people both nationally and across the globe.

The Embassy of the State of Qatar in London celebrated the event with its annual receptions hosted by His Excellency Mr Yousef Ali Al-Khater and was attended by over 800 distinguished guests.

His Excellency Mr Yousef Ali Al-Khater - Qatar National Day 2019

In his address, His Excellency expressed the great pride of Qatar in the historic milestones it has achieved throughout the past and highlighted Qatar’s positive determination to continue moving forward. 

“Qatar continues to be an international state that promotes stability and peace throughout the region and the world.”

His Excellency praised the relationship between the UK and Qatar and the shared values that continue to prosper through various sectors, emphasising the economic ties that have only deepened between the United Kingdom and Qatar.  

“We need only look at a few investment examples to show how much of a committed economic partner Qatar is to the United Kingdom.”

From over £35 billion invested in the UK and the creation of thousands of jobs; to the various British companies operating in Doha, valued at over £2 billion, along with over 300 UK companies registered to work on the World Cup 2022 project; His Excellency, reiterated that “Qatar is proud to be an economic partner to the United Kingdom.”

His Excellency also highlighted the great achievements of Qatar in sports, from winning the Asian Cup, to the great success of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) 2019, which flourished on the global sports stage and congratulated the British Athletes who travelled to Doha for the athletics games and returned to the UK proud champions.

His Excellency concluded by praising the academic achievements of over 4000 Qatari students in the UK, which further reflects the important educational relationship between Qatar and the UK.

Mr Neil Holland - Qatar National Day 2019

Neil Holland, Director of Protocol and Vice-Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, expressed his great honour at being able to celebrate with his Excellency and distinguished guests Qatar’s national day and remarked on the deep and rich relationship between the UK and Qatar.

Mr Holland reaffirmed that the UK and Qatar continue to work closely together on vital issues, in particular, “humanitarian and security issues, in order to build a safer and more prosperous future for the UK, Qatar and the wider Middle East region.”

The support for Qatar’s National Vision 2030 development plan, and the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the UK and Qatar in 2017; “has further deepened the relationship between us and our business across a wide range of vital areas and provides a good deal of momentum within our bilateral relationship.”

Mr Holland further highlighted the thriving links and relationships between UK and Qatari citizens and the strong trade and investment connections, “UK is already one of Qatar’s top destinations for foreign direct investment” equally; “Qatar is one of the largest markets for UK exports across the Middle East and North Africa.”

Mr Holland concluded that such bilateral commitments “continue to thicken and deepen our friendship; as we look to the future, we would want to do even more together.”

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