The Embassy partners with Muslim Hands and Open Kitchen to support vulnerable communities in the UK.

In the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan, which teaches us the importance of helping those most in need, the Embassy of the State of Qatar in London partnered with Muslim Hands UK and the Open Kitchen to provide over 3000 hot meals and essential goods to struggling families and individuals.

The Open Kitchen in Hounslow, is reliant on individual donations, has seen an increase in demand for its services and with the holy month of Ramadan coinciding with the Easter holidays this year, many will be looking to the Open Kitchen for meals and support.

Driven by the Islamic values of serving humanity, with a specific focus on feeding one’s neighbours, the Embassy of the State of Qatar lent supporting hands to the  Open Kitchen and Muslim Hands UK, during the holy month of Ramadan, to deliver thousands of meal packages to the most vulnerable communities in the UK.  

The partnership with the Embassy will provide additional resources and funds to the Open Kitchen and the Hounslow community to ensure that more meals and support services are accessible to anyone in need, including those facing homelessness, refugees, elderly people and low-income families from all faiths and background across the UK.

‘We are extremely grateful for the generous donation made by the Qatar Embassy. This money will go towards providing meals to those who would otherwise go hungry. The Open Kitchen is a beacon of hope to so many in the Hounslow community and is dedicated to serving those in need in line with our Islamic values and traditions where we are reminded of the Prophet [saw] who said, ‘he is not a believer whose stomach is filled while his neighbour goes hungry.’

Ehsan Choudhury, Open Kitchen Hounslow Manager