A Note from HE Yousef Ali Al-Khater Ambassador to the State of Qatar to the Court of St James's

As the United Kingdom emerges from lockdown and we come out on the other side of what has been a trying period, I would like to send my prayers and sincerest condolences to those who have lost loved ones during this pandemic and wish a speedy recovery to those still affected by the virus. 

I want to express my deepest gratitude to all Qatari and UK key workers for their sacrifice, determination and unrelenting duty of care for their fellow beings. They have led the fight from the front against the virus to shield us all, and without their fortitude, we would not have been able to endure; from myself and all the staff at the Embassy, we thank you.

My valued thanks also extend to Prime Minister Boris Johnson on his efforts during the pandemic and the public measures the government has put in place to protect the public, and I welcome the UK government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy and its roadmap for easing restrictions.

Together our two nations have stood side by side once again during difficult times, and despite the impositions of an illegal blockade on our land, sea and airspace, Qatar supported the UK’s global repatriation of British Citizens; and with the support of Qatar Airways, we transported over 100,000 British Citizens back home to their families.

Unitedly, we answered the call from the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), for the transportation of humanitarian and medical aid; and jointly implemented emergency support measures by providing airlift assistance through the NATO Disaster Relief Coordination Centre.

In his unwavering duties, His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, at the invitation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, joined the Gavi Global Vaccine Summit hosted by the UK. 

At the summit, His Highness
emphasisedthe significance of human solidarity in these testing times,” and announced Qatar would pledge $20 million towards expanding access to vaccines and the international efforts to find a COVID19 vaccine.

His Highness Sheikh Tamim, stated Qatar has “offered over 20 countries around the world medical aid, including medical equipment, supplies and building field hospitals, in addition to $140 million in financial aid to multilateral healthcare institutions that work in vaccine developments and guarantee the effectiveness of medical care, especially in developing countries.”

His Highness further called upon the international community “to work together to guarantee health equity regarding access to medication, and the required medical equipment for all countries. “

From the onset of the pandemic Qatar never faltered in its efforts to lead from the front and offer help in whichever form it was required and ensure that vital resources were delivered to those most in need during the crisis.

At home, Qatar took strict precautionary measures to fight and contain the spread of COVID-19 by implementing appropriate restrictions across the country to protect residents, as well as, rolling out a rigorous public health testing and contact tracing program to identify new cases early.


With the support of Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar was able to provide exceptional medical treatment to anyone who needed it, while still maintaining the operations of key medical services at all key hospitals across the country. As part of the stringent contingency measures, Qatar also increased the number of beds available at hospitals by over 200 per cent and ensured hospital staff and key workers were sufficiently supplied with personal protective equipment.  As a consequence of these measures, Qatar was able to contain the virus that has resulted in the lowest global death rates.


With the recovery rate from the virus continuing to grow, at over 100,000 to date, and the number of new cases falling, I am hopeful of the measures taken by the Ministry of Health and the State of Qatar. As such, the State of Qatar is now working towards the controlled lifting of restrictions, as per the Phased COVID-19 Master Plan, with the implementation of Phase Two in July 2020, and the intention to lift all restriction by September 2020 if all Key Performance Indicators are met.


During these great trials of adversity, I could not be prouder of my nation’s ongoing efforts to combat the global humanitarian crises, which has intensified during the pandemic.

It is my sincere belief that as we move forward together, it is our compassion, cooperation and continuous efforts to support one another that will ensure we persevere and continue to go from strength to strength.